Latest Scientific and Medical Advances Through Software

Today, we are here to let you know about the relation of IT Technologies with modern diagnostics. When we proceed with the data collection and extraction process we would require certain software’s applications to manage the data provided by automated systems and help physicians and biologists to come up with a conclusion.

In the current context, IT applications are exploring different disciplines in healthcare world are :

  • Bioinformatics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computer Programmers

Two major roles of IT APPLICATIONS :

1. Continuously updating software applications through developmental and improvement processes.

2. Play a crucial role as a scientist by acquiring the knowledge of computer and bio-statistics for research and development laboratories.

By implementing and integrating innovative technologies in the field of microbiology will lead to the future expertise of microbial laboratories. In order to achieve and ensure improvement we need user friendly systems that result in developing original and innovative graphic interfaces.

Scientific and Medical Advances
Scientific and Medical Advances

Ongoing Medical and Scientific Advances :

The basic part of scientific and medical work on any agenda is to collect information and an urge to enhance the software expertise with a constantly evolving and adaptive resistance to antibiotics. BioMerieux took 20 years to become an expert system available for the Medical Community. These Expert Systems analyse bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics and update the same with new data on a daily basis.

In the Software development process there is a vast amount of data to be managed as per the exploratory research which would require large data storage capacities along with the expertise in Bioinformatics and Mathematical Analysis. 

Exploring Software Technologies in Multidisciplinary Field :

Clinical Field – STELLAR Software is a system designed to support clinical decision making and able to provide patient’s results in real time through mobile App.

Pharmaceutical Field – BioMerieux proposed MIMS Software to identify microbes which are proven efficient in environmental control systems in large production areas.

Agriculture and Food Sector – BioMerieux created BCI-Net, which allows data to be exchanged within Laboratory Information Management Systems like VIDAS (detect the pathogenic agents) and TEMPO (provide quality indicators)

Latest medical Technologies in 2021 :

  • Data-Driven Healthcare
  • Tricorders
  • Virtual Reality
  • Nanomedicine
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Immunotherapy
  • Smarter Pacemakers
  • New Methods of Drug Development
  • 3D Printed Devices 
  • 5G ZEnabled Devices
  • Biosensors and Trackers

With the recent innovations and advanced tools the physicians or scientists are able to predict the behaviour of drugs and are helpful in reducing toxic side effects and increasing benefit. These transformations have enhanced the experience of healthcare professionals with their patients. In the upcoming 5 years, due to AR and VR Technology in science we all will see a revolution in the healthcare sector. In the recent future we are looking after bionic eyes, selfie diagnosis and brain implants that will change the entire healthcare sector as a crucial part.

Competitors in the Healthcare sector :

  • Stryker’s
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Medtronic
  • GE Healthcare
  • Royal Philips
  • Siemens Healthineers
  • EssilorLuxottica

Technology is impactful to store, analyze and share information related to healthcare sectors and enhance the capabilities criteria in saving life and patient access.

Relation between Machine Learning and Microorganism

We all are well versed with the current epidemic of covid 19 which is resulting very fatal due to involvement of microorganism. For millions of years, we have been living with microorganisms and have faced serious consequences from time to time but this situation is getting worse as it is affecting the mass population and resulting in the death of human beings. It is a very challenging time for all of us. The only way to be safe is to create awareness among our society, especially those who are unaware of the word “microorganisms”. 

Machine Learning and Microorganism Inter-dependency

Microorganisms are of various types : 

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Fungus
  • Algae

In order to sequence a particular genome we would require machine learning methods to manage increasing amounts of data while doing microbial analyses. Machine learning Algorithms can easily tackle interaction problems and help in microbial classification. Nowadays we are using Machine Learning for research, drug designing, identification of non coding RNA and disease related microRNA. 

Machine Learning may involves :

  • Statistics
  • Probability Theory
  • Estimation Theory
  • Algorithm Complexity Theory
  • Convex Analysis

Machine Learning methods are of two types:

1. Supervised Learning involves statistical classification and regression analysis.

2. UnSupervised Learning involves clustering and adopts k-means.

Procedures involved in Data Sampling :

First step is to collect genomic data of microorganisms and after the identification process a data matrix is being prepared. Secondly by clustering we can obtain an operational classification units table (OTU). Thirdly we will check the efficiency and accuracy of the dataset. Fourthly, a test set is used to evaluate the final machine learning model.

We use machine learning to study microbial disease association and analysis by proposing Human Disease Network (HSDN) in which disease and symptoms can be calculated based on the recorded PubMed bibliographic records. Similarly, the KATZ method has been used for disease gene association prediction.

Availability of Fungus in our surroundings :

Fungus usually grows in humid places such as soil, plants and decaying vegetables, fruits, anything which is moist in nature and is freely available in the form of molds and spores in our atmosphere. Usually microorganisms play an important role in maintaining the ecosystem balance by feeding on decaying matter.

Current havoc created by Fungus :

In the current context, We are dealing with Black Fungus known as Mucormycosis resulting in blurred vision, chest congestion, coughing blood and breathing difficulties especially with a weak immune system. It is commonly present in the atmosphere and we can easily inhale it with the oxygen we take but to fight against them our immune system is to be fully responsive. Fungus can easily escape our skin through cut or burn and can be fatal if left untreated. It can be cured by Antifungal drugs AMPHO B and is not contagious. It is also present in the nose and mucus so by wearing masks we can prevent this condition. The masks should be exchanged from time to time to keep yourself fit and healthy. 

Fatality Issues occured due to Infectious and Pathogenic Microorganisms :

Similar to corona virus it will affect our eyes, lungs, brain, sinuses, intestine and can be life threatening especially to diabetic, cancer and HIV/AIDS patients. The people with low immunity due to overuse of steroids are badly affected with black fungus, white fungus and yellow fungus. Steroids can reduce inflammation in the lungs by reducing immunity which triggers the infection in humans. The fungus is affecting humans due to the weak immune response of the body. They enter the body and start proliferating and develop their colonies to affect the human body organ.

Data Management of Covid-19 by applying AI and Machine Learning Algorithm

Covid-19 pandemic is a globally challenging hurdle and also very difficult for researchers to carry out the experiments which require Biosafety Level 3 Laboratories and to avoid this situation the researchers are doing their research without even using live and intact viruses . For this the researchers have chosen a transgenic mouse model for their study on SARS-Cov-2 Spike protein. In the recent studies done on mice it is revealed that the exposure of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is the only cause to induce symptoms of Covid-19 without the involvement of Covid strain itself. Virus Spike proteins combine with our cell receptors to synthesise it’s genetic materials and cause injury in the healthy lungs without the involvement of Intact virus.

AI has been used for controlling so many disease outbreaks in the past and is widely used as follows :

  • To identify disease clusters
  • For predicting future Outbreak
  • Monitoring Cases
  • Mortality rates
  • Diagnosis by Resource Management
  • Facilitate Training
  • Record Keeping
  • Pattern Recognition for Disease Study
Use of AI and Machine Learning in Covid-19 Diagnosis
Use of AI and Machine Learning in Covid-19 Diagnosis

Use of AI in Disease Forecasting:

AI is used to gather useful information through various Social Media platforms so as to create early awareness. We can easily retrieve the geographical location of any disease outbreak by using machine learning along with available data. So many Health Applications are available to track the recent spread of Covid-19

Use of AI in Disease Diagnosis :

It is widely used in quantification of chest x-rays and CT scan in Covid-19 patient. A deep learning neural network model for Covid detection has been developed for differentiating Covid from other infectious diseases. COVID-ResNet and COVID_MTNet are the two types of systems used for detection, localization and Inception of regions of interest.

AI is successful in Record Keeping :

It allows practitioners and healthcare staff to implement a digitization approach which offers efficient solutions to the patients with minimal contact to them. We can easily distinguish patients who are at higher risks on the basis of severity( mild, moderate and severe) of symptoms, clinical report. AI is used for medical consultation online in the form of chatbot in order to reduce crowds and maintain social distance so as to prevent spread of infection. Similarly machine learning is used to predict the mortality rate among patients by using prognostic algorithms. AI core robots are also used for the delivery of essential goods.

Algorithms and Programmes used to Design Drugs :

AlphaFold algorithm (ResNets) is used for detecting protein structures of SARS-CoV-2 which help in drug designing programs. BenevolentAI uses machine learning algorithms to identify potential drugs against Covid-19. Similarly, numerous AI-based methodologies like inclProject IDentif.AI, Polypharm are successfully expediting drug discovery and designing for Covid-19.

Other Models used to investigate effectiveness of drugs :

The genetically modified mice got injected with spike protein and the other set of mice was injected by saline control. It is proven that the mice injected with spike protein contain symptoms like inflammation which will damage the lung, a high white blood cell count to stimulate autoimmune response to destroy the infection caused by its own cells due to spike protein along with the virus while the mouse with saline remains normal.

The researchers are more concerned and focused on this new mouse model investigation in order to check the effectiveness of various drugs that can be used to reduce acute lung injury along with COVID-19 in a better way. The remedies to this Covid strain will only be effective if we have a vast knowledge of the mechanism of this virus.

Use of robotics and AI in space science and exploration

Digging deep down into Innovation we have accessed more advanced technologies of AI and Robotics which are being employed in space tourism. Scientists have set a mission to explore mars, comets, moon and asteroids by implementing innovative technologies. AI is helpful in processing data for the satellites and tested various AI techniques which are capable of controlling and managing satellite health monitoring systems.

Importance of Robots in Space Tourism:

Robotics is used to perform physical actions like collecting samples for examination, to take measurements and movements around the astronaut. Rover is the most conventional robot used in space tourism till date. NASA has developed an AI system in 2018 by creating an algorithm which uses moon’s images and by following a neural network path astronauts were quite successful in finding planets like moon and Mars.Advantage of sending a robot to space is much higher than sending a human due to their survival rate in space.

Robotics in Space Tourism
Robotics in Space Tourism

Types of Rovers sent by NASA in recent past:

  • Spirit
  • Curiosity
  • Curiosity
  • Sojourner
  • Perseverance
  • Opportunity

In the years 1966 to 1968, NASA sent seven robotic spacecraft to demonstrate soft landings on the Moon. It is evident that the Sanskrit language is most suitable for AI programs. NASA and ISRO both are implementing AI and machine learning algorithms to discover dozens of hidden image data from Mars to study our solar system.

Hurdles faced by humans over years to space exploration

  • Radiation
  • Distance from Earth
  • Gravity
  • Isolation
  • Hostile
  • Research

Transformations and Innovations in Robots :

By using a machine learning algorithm ISRO developed Target Identification. In the near future scientists are planning to explore space by transforming heavy and large robots to small Nano-stats robots and satellites. Both humans and robots are interdependent on each other for space exploration. The first mission on Mars is to check the availability of soils, rocks and water. The first robot sent to space was launched by the USSR in 1951. In space one hour accounts for seven years on earth. It will cost $2.7 billion to $2.9 billions to send a robot to Mars. We need robots to tackle dangerous situations like lighting, toxic chemicals. India is the first country to reach Mars orbit.

NASA has used HAL/S aerospace programming language along with Python which tackle the complexity of programs.

Languages used by NASA are :

  • Python
  • Machine learning
  • linear regression
  • C/C++
  • Fortan

Along with these languages NASA also used neural networks to create a working model of the solar system. There are different sites which act like a repository for storing NASA data. In 2000 NASA and ESA sent spacecraft to Jupiter and then to Saturn in 2004. First humanoid intelligent robot was created by George Devol in 1954 which was constructed by Unimation. It was a programmable robot which is fully digitally operated

It will take nearly seven months to reach Mars. There are many robots exploring the space currently are : Dextre, Mars Orbiter Mission, Voyager 1 and 2, Cassini, Hubble Space Telescope, Rosetta, Robonaut 2, Mars Express, Dawn, Curiosity, 2001 Mars Odyssey, Opportunity, Advanced Composition Explorer, Juno, Hayabusa 2, New Horizons and many more to come. For Apollo robotic spacecraft are fully equipped with scientific instruments. Simulink software is a multidisciplinary Model based design used by NASA.

Human Future with Robotics Technology

Robotics is a compilation of Engineering Technology and Science which includes design, development and deployment. Robotics is a science to design robots in order to assist humans with different tasks. Currently robots are used to perform repetitive functions that humans are unable to perform especially in manufacturing industries. The advanced robots are equipped with sensors for movement, listening and speaking. Robotics engineers are known as automation system engineers or robotics test engineers.

Robots are of five types :

  • Cylindrical
  • 6-Axis
  • Cartesian
  • Delta

These 5 types are used for different applications and functions. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence the future of robots will get automated but restricted to a particular area and unable to rule over the world.

Robotics Technology In Future
Robotics Technology In Future

Robotics will help in work and home simultaneously and have power to change human lives and work activities. It is a good option in terms of career in gaming industries and manufacturing industries. Anyone can easily find top places in ISRO and NASA with good scores. As per the UK president, robots will take over all human tasks by the end of 2050.

We are using robots to do difficult tasks like :

  • Finding objects beneath the sea
  • Exploring new planets
  • In medicines
  • In military tactics

They are the best helpers to the handicapped person and serve mankind. They also assist students in developing their knowledge by applying mechanical and electrical processes in robotics technology.
Many engineers calculate that robots are smarter than humans in varying proportions as robots are not as complex as the human brain in nature. In the near future robots will replace humans from many areas like customer service executives, data entry, proofreading and retails services etc. To be a part of robotics one should be skilled in various programming languages. Robots can carry the same tasks repeatedly without being bored. Kids have a soft corner for robots as they seem like cartoons or superheroes to them and can easily learn things in a great way without even losing interest.

Survey Statistics in Robot Automation :

As per the recent surveys, in near future robots will occupy 6% of all jobs once the job becomes automated. There is always a question that comes around -“will robots replace humans?” and the answer is no. Robots are not sufficient to teach or to guide childrens like the parents do. In the future AI can put humans at stake by bringing AI and robotics on the same node in order to build an intelligent system to make human life easier and safer. Robots are devoid of emotions like joy, irritation, fear, attraction and anger etc. but are helpful in reducing the complications and errors that occur during surgeries and operations. The Republic of Korea has been the leader of Robotics manufacturing industries since 2010 and exceeded the global average by eight folds.

Occupancy of Robots in upcoming years :

It is estimated that by 2026, the urge of robotics will increase by 6.4% and will continue further till next 20 years. If you are interested to be a part of this field then you have to opt for a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Robots are smarter than humans and can easily solve complex problems just like the brain. They can save humans by simply preventing accidents at any unavoidable circumstances like injuries or tiring while doing dangerous tasks and lifting heavy loads. Educational Robotics is also helpful to bring the students to school by engaging them in design, assembly and operations. They feel good to interact with mechanical and electrical knowledge procedures.

Significance of IoT to Future Education

Education is an essential part of life to each individual in order to grow and get connected with things in a productive way. So to improve a person’s life, education is so important to acquire knowledge on any discipline, basic facts and cultural values. Considering the current scenario, IoT is providing a better scope to students so that they can evolve themselves in the education sector by implementing new technologies.

The schools are using the IoT Technology to improve the safety measures of the students and to keep a track on records of the useful resources. It also helps to gather the information required in learning processes. With the help of Technology tutor records their lectures which create the better connectivity between the student and technology. All over the world IoT is holding a magnificent future because of its incomparable and promising potential.

There are two main focuses of the technology are virtual reality and augmented reality. In the near future the students will focus and pursue only online degree programmes. Compared to the traditional approach of learning, technology based learning is a good option as the student will devote all their time to learn and to improve the basics of communication and learning. The increased use of mobile and smart appliances to carry our daily tasks are the best examples of IoT.

IoT in Future Education
IoT in Future Education

Elements of IoT

Some of the basic elements of IoT are :

  • Data Cloud
  • Data Analytics
  • Network Interconnection
  • User Interface
  • System Security

IoT has changed the education sector by implementing different techniques which are directly proportional to the growth of the students. IoT is a limitless and potential mode to advance the future education by transforming the process of knowledge. All the governmental and private organizations are opting this to make education easier by improving classroom learning. With IoT the knowledge of software development and designing is must to deploy the services like Alexa. IOT can be beneficial to deployment of the latest technologies, infrastructure, oil and gas industries and manufacturing sector.

Importance of Languages in IoT

Coding is also required for IoT as they used most common programming like C and C++. Python is used for backend development to run linux and microcontrollers. Similarly Java, JavaScript, Swift and PHP are some of the Top languages. In order to exchange real time information we use sensors which are embedded in thermostats, refrigerators, cars and in other electrical appliances. We cannot learn IoT without the knowledge of UI and UX skills.

Few Softwares that are used for IoT are :

  • Contiki
  • Nano-RK
  • Mantis
  • LiteOS etc

IoT development team will include product manager, electrical engineer, system designer, mechanical engineer, backend developer, industrial designer and frontend developer. To create IoT solutions we use the Raspberry Pi series which is a set of GPIO (General Purpose Input and Output) used to control electronic devices. In our everyday life we came across enormous examples of IoT devices like voice assistants, smart appliances, healthcare applications etc. If you are interested in boosting your career in IoT you need to learn Hardware, Networking, Application Development Application design, Data and AI and Security.

Is technology affecting the growing minds?

Everything comes up with certainty of advantages and disadvantages in this Universe. In a similar way technology can also have adverse effects in students’ lives resulting in impaired brain development, social isolation and disturbed sleep. Increasing use of smartphones and social media may lead to eyestrain and depression mostly in teenagers. The addiction of smartphones will restrict children and as a result they are not active in physical activities and love to spend less time playing outdoor games. The overuse of technology will start affecting a child’s brain in early developmental stages and by continuous exposure to the internet and as a result they will process multiple information at a time in an imaginary way. This addiction will lead to serious health issues sometimes. Technologies have a bad impact on environments as well by liberating harmful gases into the atmosphere.

No doubt children can easily grab things by using technologies like videos, games but lower the rates of interacting with their friends. The use of technology should be restricted to stimulate developmental processes in children’s in the following areas like communication, learning, self expression, social gatherings and motor skills. Technology is making us lazy without any physical activity and affects the prefrontal cortex of our brain which is responsible for quick decision making and for short term memory. For a developing brain maximum 2-3 hours of exposure to computers, mobiles and television is sufficient. 

Exposure of Technology on Growing Mind
Exposure of Technology on Growing Mind

As much as we share our eyes with the screen the more damage will be caused and may possess fatal discomforts like attention deficit symptoms, disrupted sleep and social isolation. If children are paying attention to the daily routine and are devoting their maximum time to physical activity rather than using mobile phones and TV the technology is not a problem at all. By doing so they will burn their calories in playing, running and hiding. Overuse of Technology sometimes leads to distraction of mind, neck pain etc. and can be responsible for a child behavior as well

It is a real fact that we can not imagine our life without technology. We use technologies that provide confidence and empower our life by its latest innovations. Technology is successfully growing in terms of the medicine and healthcare sector and well efficient in carrying life threatening operations. We are about to replace humans with robots especially in industries by using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We can keep a track record of our health in order top reciprocate with doctors. There are so many Applications we are using nowadays to keep ourselves fit and healthy which is a good use of Technology as it is not engaging with our mindset. Five benefits of using Technologies are as follows : It saves time, easy to operate, improves learning and communication, easily accessible and cost efficient. Just with a click we can get ample information about any particular topic. Technology will allow more freedom to think in the right direction in order to exchange ideas and learn from them.


Popular Platforms on Devops in 2021

Devops is a set of combinations of IT operation and software development in order to decrease the system development life cycle and enhance the software quality. A Devops engineer will implement tools, practices and methods to provide an equilibrium in software development life cycle which results in maintenance and deployment.


By implementing CD and CI pipeline methods the delivery of apps will get faster by integrating automation in app development and providing continuous deployment. By doing so the manufacturing cost of the software development process will decrease automatically. Continuous Integration will integrate code and run tests into a single shared repository which will help to get the product faster.

There are so many popular tools for Devops : GitHub(Code, Build), GitLab, Buddy, CircleCI and Copado. Devop platform integration is an open source tool which provides continuous delivery and infrastructure code through pipelines. Two popular platforms for devops are : Devops with Azure and Devops with AWS.

Devops with Azure is manufactured by Microsoft and provides project management, reporting, version control, automated builds, requirement management and release management capabilities. Devop with AWS helps you to set up a Github repository for sample code to deploy your web application by continuous delivery pipeline

A sudden urge of an Online Platform

It is a digital service which allows digital interactions (as in programming or developing) between two sets of users connected through the Internet like Airbnb, Facebook, eBay, YouTube, Uber, Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon etc. It permits third parties to connect through API and are self-contained online platforms which could be an ideal solutions for sales and digital marketing for example – Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Bigcommerce and Volusion etc. They are proven as a good source of digital trade across the globe by enhancing customer choices, improving efficiency and competition between industries.

Online Platform
Online Platform

You can easily develop your platform by registering your website on your domain and start taking initiatives on social media by posting different images, videos and texts etc. Online Platforms are categorized as

Content Crowdsourcing Platforms – It helps to reach the crowd by running meaningful content among peoples through smartphones and social media for example Waze, Starbucks, Samsung, Pebble, LEGO, Pepsico, Unilever and Amazon etc.

On demand Service Platforms – It is based on Apps which are used to grow business and optimization and allow its users to explore cloud computing, software and storage without any restrictions like Netflix, Uber, Airbnb and Go-Mart etc

Data Harvesting Platforms – It is an online platform which does not require machine learning, algorithms and stats to extract the data and export it in a structural format for future analysis for example Python, Oracle, Orange, Rattle and Kaggle etc

How TECH CONFERENCES will guide you to boost your career ?

Conferences are formal gatherings with the same interest within the industrial organization. We all know about technical conferences with their aims and objectives, to inform, educate and train the participants. Conferences can be virtual and nowadays are going online and are essentially important in forming the backbone of any industry. Every Technical conference has a topic with an abstract along with few speakers to deliver as much knowledge they have on that particular topic.


Conferences provide us with an opportunity to form a network that will enhance your community connections with similar groups of people who are skilled in the latest Technologies that will help you to explore your career. Some of the examples of TECH Conferences are CES, Tech Open Air, Emtech, IFA,RSA Conference and CeBIT etc.

The main principle of the conferences is to unite with peoples of the same pace and energy from all over the world to share their knowledge, thought and discipline. It helps to expand B2B and B2C opportunities among the participants. It will impart you with an insight to sort out the problems that are basically new in terms of technicality.