Relation between Machine Learning and Microorganism

We all are well versed with the current epidemic of covid 19 which is resulting very fatal due to involvement of microorganism. For millions of years, we have been living with microorganisms and have faced serious consequences from time to time but this situation is getting worse as it is affecting the mass population and resulting in the death of human beings. It is a very challenging time for all of us. The only way to be safe is to create awareness among our society, especially those who are unaware of the word “microorganisms”. 

Machine Learning and Microorganism Inter-dependency

Microorganisms are of various types : 

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Fungus
  • Algae

In order to sequence a particular genome we would require machine learning methods to manage increasing amounts of data while doing microbial analyses. Machine learning Algorithms can easily tackle interaction problems and help in microbial classification. Nowadays we are using Machine Learning for research, drug designing, identification of non coding RNA and disease related microRNA. 

Machine Learning may involves :

  • Statistics
  • Probability Theory
  • Estimation Theory
  • Algorithm Complexity Theory
  • Convex Analysis

Machine Learning methods are of two types:

1. Supervised Learning involves statistical classification and regression analysis.

2. UnSupervised Learning involves clustering and adopts k-means.

Procedures involved in Data Sampling :

First step is to collect genomic data of microorganisms and after the identification process a data matrix is being prepared. Secondly by clustering we can obtain an operational classification units table (OTU). Thirdly we will check the efficiency and accuracy of the dataset. Fourthly, a test set is used to evaluate the final machine learning model.

We use machine learning to study microbial disease association and analysis by proposing Human Disease Network (HSDN) in which disease and symptoms can be calculated based on the recorded PubMed bibliographic records. Similarly, the KATZ method has been used for disease gene association prediction.

Availability of Fungus in our surroundings :

Fungus usually grows in humid places such as soil, plants and decaying vegetables, fruits, anything which is moist in nature and is freely available in the form of molds and spores in our atmosphere. Usually microorganisms play an important role in maintaining the ecosystem balance by feeding on decaying matter.

Current havoc created by Fungus :

In the current context, We are dealing with Black Fungus known as Mucormycosis resulting in blurred vision, chest congestion, coughing blood and breathing difficulties especially with a weak immune system. It is commonly present in the atmosphere and we can easily inhale it with the oxygen we take but to fight against them our immune system is to be fully responsive. Fungus can easily escape our skin through cut or burn and can be fatal if left untreated. It can be cured by Antifungal drugs AMPHO B and is not contagious. It is also present in the nose and mucus so by wearing masks we can prevent this condition. The masks should be exchanged from time to time to keep yourself fit and healthy. 

Fatality Issues occured due to Infectious and Pathogenic Microorganisms :

Similar to corona virus it will affect our eyes, lungs, brain, sinuses, intestine and can be life threatening especially to diabetic, cancer and HIV/AIDS patients. The people with low immunity due to overuse of steroids are badly affected with black fungus, white fungus and yellow fungus. Steroids can reduce inflammation in the lungs by reducing immunity which triggers the infection in humans. The fungus is affecting humans due to the weak immune response of the body. They enter the body and start proliferating and develop their colonies to affect the human body organ.

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