• customized software development

    MCN Solutions has its offices in the USA and India. Our flexible offshore software development model allows enterprises to increase their business, while maintaining complete control over projects because of our cross-geographical presence. Because of the flexibility of our team size, we allow clients to achieve cost-efficiencies by distributing development without increasing risk.

  • web and cloud development

    MCN delivers customized web solutions that will meet your business needs. Keeping special focus on user-friendly navigation and experience, we provide web solutions that are to the point, using the latest technologies and approaches. We have immense experience and are specialists at IT enabled services, which include software development, web application development, custom website design, web development, and testing.

  • mobile app development

    Mobile Applications can be a major source of revenue generation for businesses when used effectively as interactive marketing tools. We, at MCN, make your mobile app development process surprisingly easy and painless. By opting for MCN Solutions App development service, you can rest assured that you will be delivered high-quality, fast, and reliable applications that are perfect for your business needs.

  • Blockchain Development Services

    We build efficient Blockchain services that help businesses grow and stand out from the crowd. From Smart Contract development to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain app development, our expertise lies everywhere. Right from auditing the processes before they go live on the unaltered system and helping startups and enterprises raise an ICO, we have done it all.

  • Bots and Cognitive Services

    As a complete software solutions provider, MCN works with many custom as well as third-party technologies so as to construct the best product in the market. MCN provides a set of solutions to all Microsoft offerings including Bots and Azure Cognitive Services, from development to deployment, with our highly skilled and certified team of experts.

  • Wearables, AR, VR

    At MCN Solutions, we keep pace with ever-evolving technologies, like Wearables, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, emerging everyday. We offer complete development solutions to these technologies, like multi-platform application development, customizing the applications to match with client needs, and embedding it to the devices.