We offer customized software delivery models to provide flexible business models for offshoring/outsourcing IT. Whether outsourcing is part of your strategy for cost reduction, improving operations, and/or restructuring, the services we offer will provide financial return, risk mitigation, strategic alignment, political impact, and intuition. Below are some of models we offer to meet your specific needs.

Offshore Delivery Model:

Our offshore delivery model is composed to provide the most cost effective alternative for our clients. All project development, from initial analysis to testing, is done in our premises. The client interacts directly with the offshore team through communication means including phone, email, Skype and video conferencing.

Onsite Delivery Model:

The onsite delivery model is suited for projects that have specific needs for our professionals to be on site working along with clients. In this model, our skilled professionals are deployed on the client’s premises and work directly with the client.

Hybrid Delivery Model:

This model is composed of a combination of both onsite and offshore delivery models. It basically provides the best of both worlds, and results in optimized costs and maximized efficiency. Our hybrid delivery model provides a team onsite for functions that need more face-to-face interactions with the client to understand the business and implementation or post-implementation work. The onsite team works directly with the clients and also handles the offshore team without the client having to worry about the offshore team.

Please contact us, and our consultant will work with you to determine the best model or come up with a customized model to suit your needs.