Chainlink Unveils Crypto ‘Keepers’ to Automating Smart Contract

Chainlink significantly grows the capabilities of smart contracts by providing access to real-world data and off-chain computation while keeping up with the security and reliability guarantees inherent to blockchain technology. But the significant limitation of smart contracts is that they can’t trigger or start their own functions under self-assertive conditions and to solve this problem, now blockchain projects can use Chainlink Keepers.

Chainlink Keepers is now live in Open Beta; it’s a new decentralized service to provide a decentralized network of nodes to the users and this network are incentivized to perform all registered jobs (Upkeeps) without competing with one another.


Classically, developers have needed to manually perform a variety of these time- and event-based tasks for smart contracts and their comes the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi) which is a cross-pollination of on-chain logic in the form of smart contracts and real-world data which is not in a blockchain.

Keeping time

The subsequent stage, as illustrated in the Chainlink 2.0 white paper, is to offer computation as well as data inputs via the same decentralized network. To explain what is implied by computation in this situation, Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov picked the most straightforward use case.

“A smart contract can’t know what time it is,” Nazarov said in an interview. “It doesn’t have a conception of time. So if you want a smart contract to settle at midnight on Tuesday, you need a Keeper.”

Chainlink plans to focus on advances in seven key areas as of now:

  • Hybrid smart contracts
  • Abstracting away complexity
  • ScalingConfidentiality
  • Order-fairness for transactions
  • Trust-minimization
  • Incentive-based (cryptoeconomic) security

Supported Blockchain Networks on with Chainlink Keepers can be currently used are Kovan and ETH mainnet and being adopted by Aave, Synthetix, PoolTogether, Barnbridge, Bancor and Alchemix.

Onboarding Steps of Keepers

At any point testing process, if you feel any problem you can reach out to the Keepers here:-

  • Create a Keeper compatible contract
  • Deploy your contract onto a supported testnet
  • Get LINK on the testnet
  • Register your Upkeep on testnet
  • Test, iterate, and finalize your Keeper compatible contract
  • Deploy your fully tested contract onto mainnet
  • Register your Upkeep on mainnet
  • Fund your upkeep on mainnet
  • Confirm the first performance of your Upkeep

The most important features developers get by this decentralized off-chain computation are:-

  • Maximum reliability – Chainlink Keepers are controlled by a similar expert DevOps that have an established on-chain performance history of providing billions of dollars in value for Chainlink Price Feeds, and function inside a decentralized architecture backed by computerized failover to guarantee high dependability without weak links.
  • On-Chain Verification – It is supported by a robust set of on-chain monitoring tools and this Network perform off-chain computations and verify calldata for smart contracts, so user can evaluate and perform critical on-chain work.
  • Low costs – Chainlink Keepers leverage several gas-optimizing features that lower the costs of automating maintenance tasks for users, leading to both lower and more stable costs.

Chainlink Keepers can be utilized to play out a variety of DevOps services and off-chain computations on the behalf of hybrid smart contracts, few inclusion are:

  • Execute limit orders on decentralized trades
  • Mint tokens when stores increment
  • Collect yield from vaults
  • Rebase flexible supply tokens
  • Rebalance on-chain trading and yield cultivating methodologies
  • Exchange undercollateralized loans
  • Release locked assets after periods of inactivity
  • Furthermore, a lot more outcomes yet to be found


Chainlink Keepers simply empowers developers to open the broad and generally undiscovered design space for smart contract automation based on unquestionable restrictive information sources. Chainlink Keepers gives both an exceptionally programmable framework for designing advanced keeper jobs using off-chain computation and a decentralized network of reliable nodes to outsource the execution of keeper jobs too.

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