Popular Platforms on Devops in 2021

Devops is a set of combinations of IT operation and software development in order to decrease the system development life cycle and enhance the software quality. A Devops engineer will implement tools, practices and methods to provide an equilibrium in software development life cycle which results in maintenance and deployment.


By implementing CD and CI pipeline methods the delivery of apps will get faster by integrating automation in app development and providing continuous deployment. By doing so the manufacturing cost of the software development process will decrease automatically. Continuous Integration will integrate code and run tests into a single shared repository which will help to get the product faster.

There are so many popular tools for Devops : GitHub(Code, Build), GitLab, Buddy, CircleCI and Copado. Devop platform integration is an open source tool which provides continuous delivery and infrastructure code through pipelines. Two popular platforms for devops are : Devops with Azure and Devops with AWS.

Devops with Azure is manufactured by Microsoft and provides project management, reporting, version control, automated builds, requirement management and release management capabilities. Devop with AWS helps you to set up a Github repository for sample code to deploy your web application by continuous delivery pipeline