Latest Artificial Intelligence Apps for iOS and Android

We are progressing gradually in the field of innovation and are creating valuable insights with each passing day. Technology is imparting a fruitful combination to humans all together in terms of information exchange, solving mankind problems, making tasks easier and promoting development. The modern innovation blend of the technology era is to make our lives beneficial and convenient. To feel secure in every phase of your life you need technology for both personal and business point of view.

Impact of Technology in Human Life :

Due to technology the pace of life is increasing with increased communication, travelling, action and interactions to speed up life. Benefits of technology can be improved by test grades, scores, creativity, problem solving skills, special needs, acquiring knowledge. Technology is expanding its arms in vivid areas with proven advantages and inventions. With advantages there lies disadvantages as well like crime and terrorism, social disconnect, privacy concerns. work overload, job insecurity and complexity.

Techniques implemented in AI :

  • Machine Learning
  • Automation and Robotics
  • NLP -(Natural Language Processing)
  • Machine Vision

Latest AI Applications
Latest AI Applications

Artificial intelligence is the process of simulation of human intelligence through machines. Machine vision, language processing, speech recognition and expert systems are few applications of AI. If we consider examples then social media is the biggest one as it provides the content to suggestions. The purpose of AI is to perform complex tasks like problem solving, decision making, understanding human communication and perception into the simpler one. There are four types of AI and it can be weak AI(facebook newsfeed), strong AI and artificial AI

  • Relative Machines
  • Limited Memory
  • Theory of MInd
  • Self Awareness

Scope of AI in future :

It has a tremendous impact on human life by exploring new technological innovations like big data, robotics and IoT. A supercomputer named Perlmutter for NERSC is the most powerful and giant AI machine in the world. Siri is the form of AI System that uses artificial intelligence. It also has a negative impact and can be used as a devastating system as well. It is nowadays be implemented in every sector like :

  • Retail
  • Security
  • Fashion
  • Shopping
  • Production
  • Sports Analytics
  • Manufacturing

In terms of the future it will help to analyse the patient data in the healthcare sector, in diagnosing brain tumors and finding the best possible solution to it. It will lead to revolution in the pharmaceutical area. It is a promising career with lots of opportunities in hand with justifiable salary and growth in future. Hanson Robotics is the most advanced robot till date. Ohn McCarthy is the father of Artificial Intelligence who devised a hydraulic orange squeezer. China is the only country across the globe that uses AI at a greater pace and is a leader by raising it from 4.26% to 27.68% in 2017.

Few top notch AI Softwares are :

  • Google Cloud Machine Learning
  • Content DNA Platform
  • H2O.AI.
  • IBM Watson
  • TensorFlow
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Cortana

The main algorithm applied in AI power systems are :

  • Fuzzy logic system
  • Simulated Optimization
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Colony Optimization
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Evolutionary Computing
  • Simulated Annealing
  • Particle Swarm Optimization