Copy Image Text by Google Lens Technology

Today we are here to inform you about the difficulty we are facing in copying a text from an image onto your computer. The desktop browser is not allowed to capture and copy any text image so far.

Google Lens Technology
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Google’s lens technology is ready to serve you with an interesting feature that will provide you with an ease to copy the text from the computer and paste it anywhere we want, previously the feature is only available on Android apps. In doing so, “Copy the desired text from the image” button will popup and simply by clicking will open a panel which allows you to read the text found by Google.

Easy shortcuts will always help you to save your time and to explore your knowledge. Hence, few of the features to enable the copy and paste options over your desktop are Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keyboard or hold on Ctrl key while you can right-click so as to activate the browsers’ version of the Cut/Copy/Paste menu.