Data Management of Covid-19 by applying AI and Machine Learning Algorithm

Covid-19 pandemic is a globally challenging hurdle and also very difficult for researchers to carry out the experiments which require Biosafety Level 3 Laboratories and to avoid this situation the researchers are doing their research without even using live and intact viruses . For this the researchers have chosen a transgenic mouse model for their study on SARS-Cov-2 Spike protein. In the recent studies done on mice it is revealed that the exposure of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is the only cause to induce symptoms of Covid-19 without the involvement of Covid strain itself. Virus Spike proteins combine with our cell receptors to synthesise it’s genetic materials and cause injury in the healthy lungs without the involvement of Intact virus.

AI has been used for controlling so many disease outbreaks in the past and is widely used as follows :

  • To identify disease clusters
  • For predicting future Outbreak
  • Monitoring Cases
  • Mortality rates
  • Diagnosis by Resource Management
  • Facilitate Training
  • Record Keeping
  • Pattern Recognition for Disease Study
Use of AI and Machine Learning in Covid-19 Diagnosis
Use of AI and Machine Learning in Covid-19 Diagnosis

Use of AI in Disease Forecasting:

AI is used to gather useful information through various Social Media platforms so as to create early awareness. We can easily retrieve the geographical location of any disease outbreak by using machine learning along with available data. So many Health Applications are available to track the recent spread of Covid-19

Use of AI in Disease Diagnosis :

It is widely used in quantification of chest x-rays and CT scan in Covid-19 patient. A deep learning neural network model for Covid detection has been developed for differentiating Covid from other infectious diseases. COVID-ResNet and COVID_MTNet are the two types of systems used for detection, localization and Inception of regions of interest.

AI is successful in Record Keeping :

It allows practitioners and healthcare staff to implement a digitization approach which offers efficient solutions to the patients with minimal contact to them. We can easily distinguish patients who are at higher risks on the basis of severity( mild, moderate and severe) of symptoms, clinical report. AI is used for medical consultation online in the form of chatbot in order to reduce crowds and maintain social distance so as to prevent spread of infection. Similarly machine learning is used to predict the mortality rate among patients by using prognostic algorithms. AI core robots are also used for the delivery of essential goods.

Algorithms and Programmes used to Design Drugs :

AlphaFold algorithm (ResNets) is used for detecting protein structures of SARS-CoV-2 which help in drug designing programs. BenevolentAI uses machine learning algorithms to identify potential drugs against Covid-19. Similarly, numerous AI-based methodologies like inclProject IDentif.AI, Polypharm are successfully expediting drug discovery and designing for Covid-19.

Other Models used to investigate effectiveness of drugs :

The genetically modified mice got injected with spike protein and the other set of mice was injected by saline control. It is proven that the mice injected with spike protein contain symptoms like inflammation which will damage the lung, a high white blood cell count to stimulate autoimmune response to destroy the infection caused by its own cells due to spike protein along with the virus while the mouse with saline remains normal.

The researchers are more concerned and focused on this new mouse model investigation in order to check the effectiveness of various drugs that can be used to reduce acute lung injury along with COVID-19 in a better way. The remedies to this Covid strain will only be effective if we have a vast knowledge of the mechanism of this virus.