It is an online marketing process which is successful in brand promotions, advertising and to connect customers with the internet and different digital platforms like websites, email, applications, social media and search engines. By implementing these online platforms anyone can endorse services, brands and goods.

Rand Fishkin is the visionary SEO and Digital Marketing Leader. Digital Marketing can be learned through various parameters of career attributes that will take longer to learn. Amples of lucrative opportunities lies in a digital marketing career. Business sectors are rebuilding themselves by adopting 5 Ds in digital marketing : Digital Media, Digital Data, Digital Platforms, Digital Devices and Digital Technology.

Online Digital Marketing
Online Digital Marketing

Process or Strategies of Online Digital Marketing

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – SEO is parallel to content marketing, and in search for the best item customer probably clicks the first few search results on Google in order to attain visibility through top results. It can be done by content optimization and ensuring to easily get index content. SEO visibility clearly navigate the users interest in your product and services through mobile and local search engine
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing – It is a successful tool in generating website traffic through paid ads on online marketing platforms. PPC is the most common method to buy or to sponsor a link that will be shown as an ad in Google Search Engine Results (SERPs), Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing – Customers are highly active on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Snapchat. Hence there is a need for the business por brands to be online. Best way to reach the target audience is social media platforms by the help of paid campaigns, ads and sponsored content based on location, job title, age and  interests. In order to prove customer loyalty engagement with answering customers questions is an important aspect to cultivate positive experience
  • PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising – It is a Paid Advertising platform for putting ads over Google or websites to ensure or to generate traffic to the website. These ads usually appear at the top of google search results. When keywords related to the searched items are typed in the google search engine a link appears and every time the ad is clicked the company pays to search engine
  • Content Marketing – Creating content, videos and newsletter is an art to attract your target audience proactively. It is a less expensive way to create awareness, consideration and decision making consciousness within the customer on their selected brand. The main focus is to distribute information among the aligned customers so as to tailored their interest to an overall inbound growth strategy.
  • Email Marketing – It helps in connecting with prospects and customers by sending newsletter and offers based on their previous shopping window. It is a highly productive way to increase the chances of customer influence over purchase decisions.
  • Affiliate Marketing – It is vice versa of referral programs in order to promote the brand as a third party in exchange of commission. It is a cost effective process of outsourcing your brand to others and would require extensive tracking and monitoring. It is used to generate traffic by implementing an ad running over a podcast or any show by offering discount code. In order to create brand awareness affiliate programs are encompassed with a marketing plan to increase customer base.
  • Mobile Marketing – It forms a set of common text messages, push notifications, mobile applications and social media platforms so as to increase the revenue in the market by acquiring user friendly and seamless experiences. It is a real time connection established between the prospects and marketer through chatbot.
  • Influencer Marketing – Big brands can engage with popular sites, experts, celebrities in order to reach similar interests and values. Branded content and offers can reach to influencers through digital channels.

Digital Marketing Tools : 

Nowadays customers are active on online platforms. With the help of AI and Machine learning marketing technologies are well equipped with consumers at present needs. Implementation of Online marketing is used to enhance customer centric journey to map the target audience even after the purchase to prove loyalty and retention. Online platforms enables integration of APIs and partnership with other data source or applications

  • Images
  • Logos
  • Icons
  • videos
  • Website
  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Customer Review

Positive aspects of Digital Marketing :

  • Reduced Cost
  • Increased Revenue
  • Measurable
  • Adjustable
  • Brand Promotion
  • Scalable
  • Specific Targeting
  • Globally Explorable
  • Easy to Opt and Share

Stages to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Career

  • Awareness about basics of Digital Marketing
  • Initiate own startup through website
  • Be an SEO Expert
  • Go for Google Ads Certification
  • Be a master of Facebook Ads Advertising
  • Get Expertise in Google Analytics
  • To be a Freelancer in digital marketing job
  •  Get a real internship

Conclusion :

Digital marketing is improving nowadays with the advancement of technology. Marketers promote brands on digital platforms and by opting our digital marketing service you can add credibility to your business. We have skilled professionals to streamline the search engine with the customers that truly believe in receiving the potential solution so as to ensure the visibility of their product, service and brand.