5G Trend in 2021

There is a tremendous Globalization in terms of Telecommunications, from 4G to 5G is a broadband cellular network that came in existence in 2019. 5G is a wireless spectrum that delivers higher multi-GBPS data speed with absolute reliability, enormous network tendency, increased uniform user interface. It is expected that 5G will cover 45-65% of global population in near future in terms of mobile traffic. Canada, Hongkong and Thailand are some of the countries where 5G is on the way for future development or adoption.

Source: www.enisa.europa.eu

You can easily be tracked by your location in 5G mobile network and mobile network providers can easily chart the path you take based on your moves. It will significantly improve weak network connections of same wavelength frequencies as we are currently using for 4G WiFi networks, smartphones and satellite communications. There are so many advantages of using 5G connections with respect to 4G. It is faster than usual 4G spectrum and can connect to one or more devices as compared to 4G. It can also connect to other electronic gadgets like smartphones, smartwatch, robot etc.

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