Boost yourself with Data Science and Business Analytics in 2021

We are again here with a new interesting Topic that is data Science and Business Analytics. To enhance your knowledge graph Data Science uses structured and unstructured data to isolate knowledge and insights by using algorithms, scientific methods and processes while Business Analytics uses structured data to explore insights on past business by applying skills, practices and technologies. If we talk in terms of career then surely business analysts can earn a higher annual package then data science.

Data Science and Business Analytics
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So definitely Business Analytics is a good option to proceed with the career. It might require python programming at some place as all analysts are not dealing with quantitative data.Being a Business Analyst will give you frustration somehow but at the end of the day it is satisfying. As per US statistics the average paid salary of data scientist is $100,560. Astronomer Tobias Mayer was the first data scientist and by using spherical motion trigonometry he explained the motion of the moon.

European countries such as Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland are the top countries to work as a data scientist. You need to be skilled in programming languages like C/C++, SQL, Python, Perl, and Java. Python is the most common coding language that is required in data science roles.

So you need to boost your career in terms of Data Scientists and Business Analysts. Think and rethink about it and develop your skills and practice as hard as you can to reach the sky.

Copy Image Text by Google Lens Technology

Today we are here to inform you about the difficulty we are facing in copying a text from an image onto your computer. The desktop browser is not allowed to capture and copy any text image so far.

Google Lens Technology
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Google’s lens technology is ready to serve you with an interesting feature that will provide you with an ease to copy the text from the computer and paste it anywhere we want, previously the feature is only available on Android apps. In doing so, “Copy the desired text from the image” button will popup and simply by clicking will open a panel which allows you to read the text found by Google.

Easy shortcuts will always help you to save your time and to explore your knowledge. Hence, few of the features to enable the copy and paste options over your desktop are Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keyboard or hold on Ctrl key while you can right-click so as to activate the browsers’ version of the Cut/Copy/Paste menu.

Play Movies and TV App will be abolished Soon by Google

We are well aware of Rok, an American brand manufacturer of hardware digital media players. It is really very sad news for many of the users who have been using Roku for the past few years as Google Play Movies and TV apps are inaccessible from 15th July on any Roku platform, Vizio, Samsung, LG.

Google Play Movies and TV App
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The only option left with you is YouTube if you have purchased or rented any show through Google Play Movies and TV app and you can view your content in your library section -“Your Movies and shows”. You are free to rent and buy the latest shows and movies on YouTube. You can use your Google Play credit to make purchases from YouTube. You can easily view Play Family Library purchases on YouTube but are not entitled for family sharing. Instead of a watch list you can set playlists.

We do not get addicted to any invention as all have to be transformed somehow with certain new features and in making new one we have to say goodbye to the previous one hence, adaptation is the best way to overcome all the flaws and difficulties arising with each passing change.

Robotics Trend in 2021

Robotics is a mixture of technology, engineering and computer science to build and design machines known as robots (human replica). There are five primary areas of robotics mobility and locomotion, operator interface, programming, manipulators and effectors and the last one is sensors and perception. Nowadays robotics engineering is on trend and in great demand with respect to career but for that we need to build a profile by scoring good grades.

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Robots are helpful in replacing manpower specially when the job is too dangerous. The study will improve your personal learning if you are thinking of planning your future in this field. As of now there are five types of robots : Cartesian, Cylindrical, SCARA, 6-Axis and Delta. ABB, Seiko ZEpson, KION Group and Yamaha Motor are some of the top manufacturer robotic companies.

Learn to follow your passion with determination and ask yourself to acquire deeper knowledge of the recent technology to sharpen your skills and to be the part of the bigger pictures.

Internet of Things Trend in 2021

IoT is a combination of mechanical, animal, objects and digital machines that are facilitated by a unique feature to transfer the data over any network human to device or human to human interaction. IoT uses machine learning applications to sense the data attached with the sensors and mini computer processors. It gives a platform that is interconnected with the Internet in order to exchange and collect the data. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Smart Watches are the best examples of IoT.


We would require IoT in the real world to transmit the data and to process the task without any intervention. There are four components of IoT – user interface, connectivity, sensors/devices and data processing. It is advantageous in terms of easy communication, increased productivity and easy access. The top IoT programming languages are Java, Python, C/C++, JavaScript and PHP.

Match your feet to the innovative world by striving hard to achieve your dreams and getting to the competition for the best job that suits you and boosts your career in a new direction.

5G Trend in 2021

There is a tremendous Globalization in terms of Telecommunications, from 4G to 5G is a broadband cellular network that came in existence in 2019. 5G is a wireless spectrum that delivers higher multi-GBPS data speed with absolute reliability, enormous network tendency, increased uniform user interface. It is expected that 5G will cover 45-65% of global population in near future in terms of mobile traffic. Canada, Hongkong and Thailand are some of the countries where 5G is on the way for future development or adoption.


You can easily be tracked by your location in 5G mobile network and mobile network providers can easily chart the path you take based on your moves. It will significantly improve weak network connections of same wavelength frequencies as we are currently using for 4G WiFi networks, smartphones and satellite communications. There are so many advantages of using 5G connections with respect to 4G. It is faster than usual 4G spectrum and can connect to one or more devices as compared to 4G. It can also connect to other electronic gadgets like smartphones, smartwatch, robot etc.

Success is a mere proportion of technology aspiration that will surely help you to build your career by knowing recent trends in Technology. Just be passionate enough to learn more in the sense of “what next now”.

AI and Machine Learning Trend in 2021

AI and Machine Learning are interrelated with each other and are the top most trending Hi-Tech Technologies used to create intelligent systems. Moreover, we cannot differentiate much among them henceforth they differ in terms of various cases. AI can be used to simulate human thinking capability and behavior while Machine Learning is a fusion of instruction or information that helps machines to learn from database repositories without being coded. AI uses certain algorithms which can combine with human intelligence and work like a neural network.

AI and Machine Learning

Machine Learning enables structured data to process their results from the programmed one. You might have noticed pop up options on certain websites and social media platforms are the best examples of Machine Learning. The aim of AI is to solve highly complicated problems which humans are unable to resolve while Machine Learning gives accurate results to those complexities. Currently AI is of great importance as it is in a progressing stage with a lot of scope in learning, reasoning, and self-improvisation. Nowadays AI is being used in scientific research to overcome monitoring facilities by humans.

So in short we can build a successful career in AI and Machine Learning without being failed and by keeping a continuous track record on our learning abilities and by implementing them wherever required in day-to-day life.