Popular Platforms on Devops in 2021

Devops is a set of combinations of IT operation and software development in order to decrease the system development life cycle and enhance the software quality. A Devops engineer will implement tools, practices and methods to provide an equilibrium in software development life cycle which results in maintenance and deployment.


By implementing CD and CI pipeline methods the delivery of apps will get faster by integrating automation in app development and providing continuous deployment. By doing so the manufacturing cost of the software development process will decrease automatically. Continuous Integration will integrate code and run tests into a single shared repository which will help to get the product faster.

There are so many popular tools for Devops : GitHub(Code, Build), GitLab, Buddy, CircleCI and Copado. Devop platform integration is an open source tool which provides continuous delivery and infrastructure code through pipelines. Two popular platforms for devops are : Devops with Azure and Devops with AWS.

Devops with Azure is manufactured by Microsoft and provides project management, reporting, version control, automated builds, requirement management and release management capabilities. Devop with AWS helps you to set up a Github repository for sample code to deploy your web application by continuous delivery pipeline

A sudden urge of an Online Platform

It is a digital service which allows digital interactions (as in programming or developing) between two sets of users connected through the Internet like Airbnb, Facebook, eBay, YouTube, Uber, Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon etc. It permits third parties to connect through API and are self-contained online platforms which could be an ideal solutions for sales and digital marketing for example – Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Bigcommerce and Volusion etc. They are proven as a good source of digital trade across the globe by enhancing customer choices, improving efficiency and competition between industries.

Online Platform
Online Platform

You can easily develop your platform by registering your website on your domain and start taking initiatives on social media by posting different images, videos and texts etc. Online Platforms are categorized as

Content Crowdsourcing Platforms – It helps to reach the crowd by running meaningful content among peoples through smartphones and social media for example Waze, Starbucks, Samsung, Pebble, LEGO, Pepsico, Unilever and Amazon etc.

On demand Service Platforms – It is based on Apps which are used to grow business and optimization and allow its users to explore cloud computing, software and storage without any restrictions like Netflix, Uber, Airbnb and Go-Mart etc

Data Harvesting Platforms – It is an online platform which does not require machine learning, algorithms and stats to extract the data and export it in a structural format for future analysis for example Python, Oracle, Orange, Rattle and Kaggle etc

Alexa Technology can be implemented to Business

Alexa is a smart device that is capable of doing so many functions like playing audio-books, update us with weather forecasting, detail us about traffic, playing music, provide news information, setting alarms and reminders, update us with ongoing information in their real time, update on sports and take over charge on other smart devices etc. Alexa can do voice interaction and can answer your questions very efficiently. The technology is fatal and self-destruct and the voice is generated by using AI and Text to Speech Technology.

Implementation of Alexa Technology
Implementation of Alexa Technology

We can use Alexa as an intelligent assistant for Business purposes even to enhance productivity in meeting rooms, at employees desks and at homes. Alexa can easily access local business details like photos, business data and information. All Small to midsize Business uses Alexa devices like Echo Plus Amazon Tapand Echo Dot etc. for virtual assistants and can be installed on Laptop and desktop. These days many companies are providing the desktop and Laptop with in-built Alexa Technology. Just to make the Office environment soothing, so many corporate sectors are implementing Alexa for performing numerous tasks like setting reminders, turning equipment, giving directions to join video calls.

Alexa uses Bing’s search engine for surfing their queries. Alex is far better than Google Assistant in terms of safety, messages, whisper and guard house etc. Alexa devices can be harmful and can risk your security and privacy at times.

How TECH CONFERENCES will guide you to boost your career ?

Conferences are formal gatherings with the same interest within the industrial organization. We all know about technical conferences with their aims and objectives, to inform, educate and train the participants. Conferences can be virtual and nowadays are going online and are essentially important in forming the backbone of any industry. Every Technical conference has a topic with an abstract along with few speakers to deliver as much knowledge they have on that particular topic.


Conferences provide us with an opportunity to form a network that will enhance your community connections with similar groups of people who are skilled in the latest Technologies that will help you to explore your career. Some of the examples of TECH Conferences are CES, Tech Open Air, Emtech, IFA,RSA Conference and CeBIT etc.

The main principle of the conferences is to unite with peoples of the same pace and energy from all over the world to share their knowledge, thought and discipline. It helps to expand B2B and B2C opportunities among the participants. It will impart you with an insight to sort out the problems that are basically new in terms of technicality.

Ease and Comfort Yourself by Latest IT Inventions in 2021

As we all know that in order to match our feet with modernization, there is a constant need to explore new technologies to maintain the sync and continuity within the Digital Transformation World. Intelligent Process Automation(IPA), DevSecOps, Big Data Analytics, Tactile Vr, Cybersecurity, Human Augmentation are few examples of the latest technologies that need to be explored. We as explorers are determined to explore technologies that will change everything virtually such as : Space based Solar Power, Weather Control, Geo Engineering, Fusion Power, Molecular Assemblers, Mind Uploading and Mind to Mind Communication etc.

Latest IT Inventions
Latest IT Inventions

So as human beings we need to think deeply about what inventions can be done in the near future that will provide us with comfort and ease. First thing that comes in our mind is an idea of what we are looking for and for what purpose? Here are few examples to provide you with an idea for your reference that could be the purpose of the new invention and innovation : “Smart” Jacket With Built-In Heater, 3-Sided Flip Phone, Port Solar Charger, Pilot Wireless Headphone Translators, Levitating Desk Lamp, 2-in-1: Rollers and Skateboard and Aqua Treadmill.

It’s a time to research your idea as per your utility and demand that will provide you with an ease and comfort in your ongoing life. You need to decide the technology and idea considering the growing trends in IT Technologies and need to schedule your calendar accordingly.

Agile and Scrum Career Boom

Hopefully you must have heard about Agile and scrum, Agile is a project management topic which we use for testing processes in software development whereas scrum is an agile methodology which facilitates the project framework. Agile is faster in delivering the results and helps to reduce the cost of the project. It helps in providing easy and unremarkable responses of their project by creating opportunities to direct the direction in the developmental phase. Scrum is widely spread in the military, universities, automotive industry etc.

Agile and Scrum

Scrum consists of Service Owner, Development Team and Scrum Expert and their role is to provide multi-functionality in order to maximize creativity, flexibility and productivity. Scrum is easy to understand and very difficult to operate.

If you have an interest in the Software industry you must acquire skills related to agile and scrum. By increasing our learning abilities at different skill sets and parameters we can enhance our career graph in an upward direction.

Top cloud companies lend their hand in setting up Covid -19 vaccinations

Big faces like Amazon, Microsoft and Google are running cloud platforms and applications to help in setting up websites for appointment booking and call centers in this current pandemic. The digital world is fully devoted to overcome the struggle faced by heavy web traffic because of an increased demand of vaccines in the current Covid -19 scenario. So many local and state governmental organizations are providing such facilities and are facing trouble and glitches due to heavy traffic. It’s problematic to tackle and manage thousands of bookings by using a wide range of software systems at different phases of the digital process. To solve this problem cloud comes into picture for managing website traffic.

Covid-19 Vaccination by using Cloud Computing

In the month of February, a vaccine appointment scheduling management system along with a virtual call center service provider system facilitated by Artificial Intelligence came into existence by Google. It is available in 28 different languages. Similarly Amazon has developed a multichannel system and can be accessed by web, mobile in the month of March. Apart from the giant cloud service providers small startups are also helping state and local health agencies in providing the vaccination platforms. For example a startup company named Curative uses cloud tools borrowed by Amazon to provide Covid testing services and explored itself by using AWS in facilitating end to end vaccination along with keeping a track of medical staff who have administered the shots.

By opting the most advanced cloud software services a mass vaccination is under process at Dodger Stadium Parking lot in Los Angeles and have nearly facilitated more than one million vaccinations across six states.

Succeed with Learning Ability and Creativity!!!

In today’s world technology is of utmost importance starting from a very basic daily need to a complex one. In initial days, we revolve around technology but nowadays technology surrounds us in every aspect of our life. We are more prone to technology exposure in terms of advantages and disadvantages in this HI-Tech era of Digital Transformation. Technology has provided us with faster means of communication through social media platforms and by means of mobile applications.

Learning Ability and Creativity
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Digital era is opening new opportunities for every sector from financial services, consumer products, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, media and technology. Technology has provided us with multi-tasking devices like mobile phones, smartwatch, laptops, tablets, air-books, voice assistant devices and mainframe computers and as a result we are very calculative and on front foot in every respect nowadays. Technology is the only reason which makes our life easier, smoother and confident.

Coming back to the Article, We will list some of the latest HI-TECH Technologies which are so much in demand these days. We are listing few of them here : Dev-ops, AI, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and 5G. Choose any one and develop your career on a positive node with a bright sense of illumination.

Copy Image Text by Google Lens Technology

Today we are here to inform you about the difficulty we are facing in copying a text from an image onto your computer. The desktop browser is not allowed to capture and copy any text image so far.

Google Lens Technology
Source : www.themobileindian.com

Google’s lens technology is ready to serve you with an interesting feature that will provide you with an ease to copy the text from the computer and paste it anywhere we want, previously the feature is only available on Android apps. In doing so, “Copy the desired text from the image” button will popup and simply by clicking will open a panel which allows you to read the text found by Google.

Easy shortcuts will always help you to save your time and to explore your knowledge. Hence, few of the features to enable the copy and paste options over your desktop are Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keyboard or hold on Ctrl key while you can right-click so as to activate the browsers’ version of the Cut/Copy/Paste menu.

Play Movies and TV App will be abolished Soon by Google

We are well aware of Rok, an American brand manufacturer of hardware digital media players. It is really very sad news for many of the users who have been using Roku for the past few years as Google Play Movies and TV apps are inaccessible from 15th July on any Roku platform, Vizio, Samsung, LG.

Google Play Movies and TV App
Source : www.arstechnica.com

The only option left with you is YouTube if you have purchased or rented any show through Google Play Movies and TV app and you can view your content in your library section -“Your Movies and shows”. You are free to rent and buy the latest shows and movies on YouTube. You can use your Google Play credit to make purchases from YouTube. You can easily view Play Family Library purchases on YouTube but are not entitled for family sharing. Instead of a watch list you can set playlists.

We do not get addicted to any invention as all have to be transformed somehow with certain new features and in making new one we have to say goodbye to the previous one hence, adaptation is the best way to overcome all the flaws and difficulties arising with each passing change.